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Janesaw Massacre 303

Janesaw Massacre 303

209001_250177408415829_883773413_nWhat is your skate name and number?

Janesaw Massacre 303

What is the significance of your name and number?

We came up with so many names when I first started skating but my fave was always Janesaw Massacre. I love horror movies and the name had the right blend of sweetness and toughness, alas my alter ego was born!

303 is the Denver area code - which is where I was born and raised - so it's my home town shoutout!

How did you get started playing roller derby?

I went to a derby tournament hosted by the ICT Roller Girls in Wichita, Kansas way back in 2006. Teams like the Texas Rollergirls and the Kansas City Roller Warriors were there and I was so enthralled with what I saw! The ICT Roller Girls happened to be recruiting at the time. I had just moved to Wichita so the timing was perfect - I attended my first practice in late 2006/early 2007 and the rest is history!!

How long have you been skating?

Ever since my first practice which I think was late 2006/early 2007.

What is your favorite derby position to play?

I have always gravitated towards jamming. I really enjoy the rush of getting thru the pack and scoring points! Over the past couple years I've also come to love blocking and working closely with my teammates to shutdown the opposing jammer.....but I'd still have to say jamming is my fave ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your greatest derby achievement so far?

Wow. What a question. I think my greatest achievement would be serving as the captain of the SCRG All Stars for the past two years and helping to turn the league's four year losing streak into a winning season this year. It's taken hard work and dedication on the part of every team member and it's been an honor to serve as team captain.

What is your favorite part of skating with Sin City Rollergirls?

The camaraderie. We truly are a family. We support and love each other like sisters. It is such an amazing thing to be a part of an inspirational and strong group of women!

Do you have a derby crush? Who is it?

My derby crush is Suzy Hotrod of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. I went to WFTDA Championships (Nationals back then) in 2008 and fell in love. Her legs are amazing and she skates with such focus and determination. She is creative in her training, always looking for ways to get better and is a true team player! How could you not love her!?!

Oh and I also named my greyhound after her....we rescued her back in 2009 ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your day job?

I am a Registered Dietitian and wellness coach. I work one on one with my clients to help them achieve their health related goals, whether it be cholesterol or blood pressure reduction, diabetes management, weight loss or whatever else they may need nutrition guidance on. I love helping people achieve their goals!!

What is the strangest thing in your purse or wallet right now?

Hmmmm.....I am kind of a clean freak so rarely do I have random things in my purse because I constantly clean it out. I guess I would have to say socks. I often carry socks in my purse because my feet get cold a lot. Yeah, that's kinda weird.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't expect...

I love to sing and play the guitar.....and attempt to write my own stuff. However I'm very shy so rarely does anyone other than my husband get to hear my songs. I am inspired mostly by folk and old country styles of music.

ย What are you going to miss most about SCRG?

I have to go back to the camaraderie. I am going to miss all of the inspiring and encouraging women I am honored to call my teammates. Each of them has helped me to strive to be the best version of myself. I will miss our crazy and emotional team building nights, our constant jokes and laughs and the sisterhood that is the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls! YOU KNOW!!