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Sticky Fingers 435

Sticky Fingers 435

319833_10151204030278056_1707889937_nWhat is your skate name and number?        

Sticky Fingers 435

What is the significance of your name and number?        

I was voted into the league treasurer position before I had passed my basic skills test, so I didn't have my skate name picked yet. I thought it would be funny to have a treasurer named Sticky Fingers. My number is (allegedly) a retired police code for embezzlement. I have an odd sense of humor, I guess!

How did you get started playing roller derby?       

I was friends with a few girls in the league but was always too chicken to try out. Finally, in the fall of 2010 I checked out a bout with my friend (Stella Blue) and was convinced to start attending newbie practices in Nov 2010.

How long have you been skating?      

I started derby in Nov 2010, but I wouldn't call that skating. I LITERALLY could not stay on my skates. I thank my newbie coach, Sigourney Beaver, weekly for allowing me to come back and being so patient with me.

What is your favorite derby position to play?         

I love being the pivot, blocking is something I really enjoy. I just love strategy, and being the pivot is all about making your strategy happen!

What is your greatest derby achievement so far? 

It’s hard to pinpoint just one! So much of derby is setting personal goals, achieving them, and moving onto the next one. Considering it’s only my 2nd season bouting, it’s been pretty amazing for me. I made the B team, then the A team, and my home team voted me to be captain.  On top of all of that, I am finishing up my 2nd term as league treasurer. I guess I'd choose being voted as captain of the Notorious VIP as the greatest achievement. I feel like I've helped build the VIP into a tight knit group who trust each other on and off the track. (BLING BLING!!)

What is your favorite part of skating with Sin City Rollergirls?           

I grew up playing some sports, took dance classes, but I never really felt like an athlete. Thanks to roller derby, I actually feel like an athlete. That feels pretty awesome.

Do you have a derby crush? Who is it?         

I've always been a fan of Juska, Sharpless, and Akers from Denver; Juke Boxx & Medusa from Minnesota; and of course Smarty Pants from Texas. But I had the chance to watch Philly play a few bouts at Rollercon this year, and I'm really impressed with Teflon Donna. She's definitely someone I look to for inspiration as a captain and as a player.

What is your day job?     

I am a bookkeeper/accounting assistant for a small local company.

Who is the biggest influence in your life?    

Well, of course my family and my husband. I pretty much glow inside and out when they tell me they are proud of me.

What is the strangest thing in your purse or wallet right now?

Lace Bite Pads...derby can make your feet kinda ugly.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't expect...       

I've seen the Black Crowes live in concert over 25 times.