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Epic Fail-Her #1170

Epic Fail-Her #1170

544974_10151008788215645_300960437_nWhat is your skate name and number?

Epic Fail-Her #1170

What is the significance of your name and number?

The name was actually a back-up name, my first name was French and I didn't have to explain it all the time.  The number 1170 comes from childhood when my mother would say “How many times I have I told you to do this?" My response was always "11nty 70 times"   It was just my made up number.

How did you get started playing roller derby?

I was asked by a former student to go see a bout because she was taking over as bout EMT.  I went and was infected instantly with the "Derby Bug". 

How long have you been skating?

I am just finishing my 1 year of hopefully many!

What is your favorite derby position to play?

Blocker!  When it comes to Derby I prefer to go commando.

What is your greatest derby achievement so far?

Coming back from a ruptured hamstring and being able to skate again without fear of re-injury.

What is your favorite part of skating with Sin City Rollergirls?

The new Family that I have.  We are a family and love and support each other every single day.

Do you have a derby crush? Who is it?

Olivia Shootin John from the TRG.  She is amazing and she is also a teacher.

What is your day job?

I am a teacher for the Clark County School District.  I am at a High School.

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My mom.  No matter what happened in our life she was always there to support me.  She was a single parent and worked hard to make sure we had what we needed.

What is the strangest thing in your purse or wallet right now?

True Lemon & True Lime.  You can only drink so much plain water.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't expect...

I am an avid reader.  I love books, especially anything mystery or crime related.