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The Force 4CE

The Force 4CE

227403_1928558967693_6128042_nWhat is your skate name and number?

The Force #4CE

What is the significance of your name and number?

I’m a bit of a Star Wars geek and when I first started Derby, I went thru a couple different Star Wars themed names and each time I found out they were already taken. I went home one day, looking to calm my frustration over this and popped “Return of the Jedi” into the DVD player.  After the movie I felt much better but I still had no name. I kept thinking how it would be cool if instead of trying to think of a way to put a derby spin on a Star Wars character’s name, I could just somehow embody all of Star Wars in general. Just be that skater that, when they see me skate, they just feel it. The magic I feel when I watch those brilliant movies. Something like the Force itself. . . .  WAIT!! THAT’S IT!!!   I . . . AM . . . . “THE FORCE”.  (Yes, both the light and the dark. Jedi and Sith. Play against me and see which side you get. 😉  My number was just me being lazy and exploiting the fact that derby allows letters in our jersey numbers to make my number basically the same as my name.

How did you get started playing roller derby?

Near the end of 2005, some girls who had recently started a Roller Derby league here in Vegas came to the roller hockey rink I used to play hockey in looking for a place to play their games instead of the outdoor hockey rink they used at the park on Flamingo & Jones. After one of my games I saw a group of them come in to practice on our floor before one of their upcoming games. I asked the owner of the hockey rink what they were doing and he said they were practicing for a sport called roller derby. He said that I should check it out because he thought I would be great at it. I watched for a few of their practices and then decided to check out their first game at the hockey rink. I thought it looked like way too much fun and it was everything I liked about a physical game like hockey but without having to deal with a stick and a puck. So, in February of 2006, I approached the leaders of the league and asked them if I could try out. They allowed me to skate with them at one of their practices in my inline hockey skates. After that practice they told me I needed to get some quad skates and that they were excited to have me on the team. My first game was unbelievable and I can still remember the feeling of speeding around the track and then smashing into people and thinking I could really get into this. Derby was a different animal back then but I could see the potential it had to become a widely respected and patronized sport and I was ready to help it get there. I took a break when money, playing both hockey and derby, time crunches and the difficulties of dealing with that many women got too much to handle and a little over a year later... I came back ready to be a part of the history I knew would be made. I was right... derby has become huge... and I only see it going up from here.

How long have you been skating?

7 years in derby. 21 years total competitively.

What is your favorite derby position to play?

This is such a hard question to answer. I love being a jammer. That is where I am placed the most. I am fast, agile and a quick adjuster. I love the adrenaline that comes with that position. I've always been quite the adrenaline junkie so it feeds that need quite well. However, I have developed a deep love for being a pivot as well. I could still potentially be a jammer if our jammer passes the responsibility to me mid jam AND I get to play as a controller and feel more a part of the team. I get close proximity, hands-on work done with my teammates and it is a great feeling to really control that pack together.

What is your greatest derby achievement so far?

Helping to make history in this sport by skating with our All-Star team in the first ever WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs back in August and feeling like it was the best I've ever played.

What is your favorite part of skating with Sin City Rollergirls?

Camaraderie, support, competitiveness, pushing each other past our perceived limits and the AMAZING memories that will last me the rest of my life.

Do you have a derby crush? Who is it?

Yes. A skater by the name of Onda Sligh. She grew up playing hockey and now plays for the WFTDA league in Olympia: The Oly Rollers. She has moves I would have never thought were possible and every day I laced up my skates was another day I promised myself I would get closer to being able to do what she does. She is truly amazing.

What is your day job?

I am a Vice President's assistant at U.S.Bank

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

God. I have a Christian faith and though I have struggled and walked away, I always come back. My amazing saint of a mother, my "best man you've ever met" father and my incredible husband do a pretty amazing job down here in the trenches with me... but, whether I am walking close with him or crawling back from stupidly walking away... God is still always the biggest influence.

What is the strangest thing in your purse or wallet right now?

I actually carry a backpack and it depends on what you consider strange. Light Saber key chain? Cut out from a catolog of a Ton Ton sleeping bag? (Star Wars nerds will appreciate that one) A skate bearing? A package of top ramen? Flint and steel? A compass? A stapler? Post-notes? Yup... all in there. I think I'll go with.... my travel size spice rack.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't expect...

I LOVE the movie, The Little Mermaid. Don't judge me.

What are you going to miss most about SCRG?

More than words will ever be able to express. From the silliest little things to the big deal stuff. The smell of the Fab Lab. The sound of skates rolling over sport court. The way we could pull together when someone needed us. The amazing things being accomplished every day. Watching newbie skaters learn the sport and veteran skaters learn while they coach the newbies. The stickers on our wall. The Fab Lab rules. Traveling to places I've never been with an amazing group of strong and competitive women. Meeting all kinds of new people and learning from them. Growing out of the ashes of defeat and basking in the glory of victory as a team. Sharing the battle, good or bad, with others that are fighting as hard as I am and loving it as much as I do. Being amazed by what we pull off every time we host a game. Gearing up. Talking "shop". After parties and travel team mischief. Growing as a person and an athlete because of the other athletes around me. Watching the evolution of this amazing sport as our local league grows along with it. The support of my teammates. The roar of the crowd and the chance to be a part of something amazing. Its hard to pin it down to one thing... but if I were to try, I think it might have to be.... The experience. I will be forever changed as a result of the amazing experience I have been blessed with by having been a skater for the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls and I will miss every last bit of it as I cherish my memories forever.