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Freak on Alicia 010

Freak on Alicia 010

unnamed1. What is your Derby Name and Number?

Freak On Alicia #010

2. What is the significance of your name and number?

My derby name is a play on the Korn song, Freak On A Leash and my real name, Alicia.

My number is up for interpretation. Some folks think it's binary, some think it's because I like owls (it kind of looks like an owl face). I like to leave the mystery!

3. How did you get started playing roller derby?

I was working with Josie Savage (Notorious VIP) and got hooked after watching her play.

4. How long have you been skating?

4 years!

5. What is your favorite derby position to play?

I've really come into my own as a blocker, but lately I've been working on my jammer game.

6. What is your greatest derby achievement so far?

Winning the Season 9 Championship with my hometeam, the Hoover Damned!

7. Do you have a derby crush? Who is it?

I've had so many! I'd say my biggest derby crush is Smarty Pants. Her athleticism, skill, and dedication to the sport are awe-inspiring.

8. What is your day job?

I train people in the fine art of good customer service, and I love it!

9. Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My stepmom, Linda. She has always loved me as if I were her own, without judgement or doubt. She's been there for me more times than I can count; always offering encouraging words, a cheesy joke and a warm hug. She's the rock of our family.

10. What is the strangest thing in your purse or wallet right now?

A fountain pen, it's all I write with anymore.

11. Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn't expect?

I played the accordion as a kid. I really wish I had kept that up.