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Meet the Fresh Meat!

Meet the Fresh Meat!

By Young $tunna

At the end of March, the Sin City Rollergirls were fortunate enough to officially welcome eight new skaters to the league.

After months and months of hard work, the fresh meat skaters passed their skills test, which consisted of hitting, blocking, jamming and scrimmaging drills, and could finally pick a roller derby name.

For some, deciding on a roller derby name was daunting while others had no trouble at all with the help of family and friends.

We’re proud to welcome these eight wonderful ladies into the league and we hope you’ll welcome them with open arms.

Without further ado, please welcome the newest skaters of the Sin City Rollergirls…

Las Vegas native Aphelia Haten #800 had a hard time choosing her derby name, which is a play on “I kimmyfeel ya hatin’.”

“Anytime I read people my list of ideas everyone liked this one the best,” she said. “I picked #800 because it looks like the word BOO.”

Aphelia Haten said her love for roller skates began when she was born. When she passed her skills test at the end of March, she instantly felt proud and then reality set in.

“I realized now it gets real and I'll admit I was kinda scared,” Aphelia Haten said. “But I’m looking forward to being drafted to a home team, so I can bout with the big kids.”

Joining the Sin City Rollergirls has given Aphelia Haten, a seamstress, a ton of new friends to roll alongside with.

“I have met some amazing women that I would have never even talked to, due to our lives being so different,” she said. “I cherish them!”

If someone is on the fence about joining roller derby, Aphelia Haten advises, “if you don't try it you will forever regret it.”


unnamed-2Foxxxy Dynamite #805 decided to pay tribute to her father who passed away last year from pancreatic cancer.

“He was really involved with Boy Scouts and his nickname was the Fearless Fox,” she said. “Foxxxy is my tribute to him and I came up with the dynamite part while in the car listening to ‘T.N.T.’ by AC/DC.”

Though Foxxxy Dynamite has lived in Las Vegas for the past 11 years, she’s originally from San Luis Obispo, Calif. and her number, 805, is the area code for her hometown.

Foxxxy Dynamite’s love for roller derby began long before she joined the Sin City Rollergirls.

“I wanted to play but college, graduate school and residency programs got in the way,” the physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist said. “Now it’s finally the right time.”

Foxxxy Dynamite is looking forward to being part of something bigger than herself.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of team and the camaraderie that comes along with that,” she said. “Plus I like that I get to hit people.”


Leather Havoc #429 said her name is a play on the words, “let her have it.”Leather Havoc

“Leather Havoc is what it sounds like when yelled out by drunken fans,” she said. “That and the fact that I’m a leather woman.”

Her number, #429, is the day she met her wife, April 29th.

When Leather Havoc was living in Anchorage, Alaska, she watched a Rage City Rollergirls bout and decided to join the league.

“I loved the idea of playing and I got the derby bug bad,” she said. “I started as a fresh meat.”

Last year, Leather Havoc and her wife moved to Las Vegas and she decided to once again pursue her love of roller derby.

“Being a member of SCRG means I’ve made it and have accomplished my goal of becoming a rollergirl,” she said. “I also like that the league is a service organization as well.”

Leather Havoc is a phlebotomist, which means she’s trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.

If someone is interested in roller derby, Leather Havoc advises, “It will be hard, but it’ll be worth every drop of sweat.”

“Do it,” she said. “You will feel better for it.”


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“I skated quite a bit as a kid,” she said. “A few years ago I saw a flyer for a bout and went to it when SCRG was playing at the Sports Center. By the time the bouts were over I was hooked.”

The Chicago native has been in Las Vegas since 2006.

Vandal Eyez said she’s honored to be a part of Sin City Rollergirls.

“I’m looking forward to getting drafted to a home team and all the physical challenges,” she said. “I want to push myself constantly and set goals to continue to become a better athlete and positive role model for my daughter. I want to teach her that we can do anything we put our minds to at any age.”

Vandal Eyez advises the future generations of roller derby to check out a boot camp to see what it’s all about.

“Whether you lace up skates or not, at least go check it out,” she said. “You’ll be hooked and wish you brought skates.”


Growing up, DJ Jazzy Death’s friends called her “Jaz,” so she knew she wanted to incorporate that into DJ Jazzy Deathher roller derby name.

“Some of them would jokingly call me DJ Jazzy Fresh, a play on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's DJ Jazzy Jeff, so I thought DJ Jazzy Death was a good play on that and a little more derby appropriate,” she said.

DJ Jazzy Death grew up playing sports including softball, but felt she needed a new challenge.

“I had been watching the Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls for about 4 years and would always say, ‘I could totally do that and it looks like a lot of fun,’” she said. “So last year my wife spoke with a few of our friends who are in the league and asked how I could get started.”

The day of the roller derby skills test, DJ Jazzy Death was nervous.

“I had been training for months and it was all coming down to this one test,” she said. “Once we learned our fate I was ecstatic!”

The Goldsboro, N.C. native and Air Force pharmacy technician said she’s looking forward to being drafted to a home team, playing her first game and learning even more about the sport of roller derby.

“It means a lot to be a part of SCRG,” she said. “It’s a great organization, both on and off the track. It's like having an extended family everybody cares and supports you. It's an honor to be a part of it!”


unnamedThe inspiration behind Chesty La Rue’s roller derby name came from an episode of the Simpsons.

“My hubby and I are huge Simpsons fans, and I love the Power to the Max episode when Homer changes his name to Max Power so that he's not compared to a TV show character also named Homer Simpson,” she said. “When he comes home, he lets Marge know that he also changed her name to Chesty La Rue.”

The higher education administrator was born in New Orleans, La. And grew up in Miami, Fla.

“I remember hearing about roller derby in grad school at LSU, but had never had the time to get involved,” she said.

After moving to Las Vegas two years ago, Chesty La Rue decided to search “roller derby Las Vegas,” on the Internet.

“I found the SCRG website and filled out the interest form,” she said. “I bought my gear and joined the boot camp team about a month later.”

Chesty La Rue said roller derby is both a physical and mental challenge. She’s anticipating getting drafted to a home team.

“SCRG has become a home away from home for my family,” she said. “I have an incredible sense of pride knowing that I've been able to come into this league, and work hard alongside everyone to achieve great things.”


Wreck It Ruby said involving her children into the world of derby is the best thing about coming up with unnamed-3her roller derby name.

“One day my husband and I were discussing names and my husband had mentioned Wreck It Ruby because my son loves the Movie Wreck It Ralph, and it just clicked,” she said. “It`s also fun and kid friendly.”

According to Wreck It Ruby, she’s been obsessed with roller derby since she was a young girl.

“It was the first opportunity I got to join so I jumped at it,” she said. “I had been trying for years to join derby, but the timing was never right, until now.”

The San Francisco native has called Las Vegas home for the past 16 years and works as a montrice, also known as a woman who is medically trained to assist another woman during childbirth, as well as a massage therapist and hypnotherapist.

Wreck It Ruby said though she’s hard of hearing, which sometimes makes it difficult to hear penalty calls during a jam, her derby sisters have been very helpful.

“Luckily everyone has been very understanding, but because of my lack of hearing I was a little extra worried about the scrimmaging part of the skills test,” she said. “We've all worked very hard for about a year and it felt really good to get to take the skills test and pass...and officially get to call myself a Sin City Rollergirl.”


Deb OwcheryDeb Owchery # 1314 came to Sin City from the Bay State Brawlers of Worcester, Mass.

When she turned 40, roller derby became Deb Owchery’s next calling.

“I turned 40 and decided it was time for a new habit,” she said.

The EMT said though passing the roller derby skills test was exhausting, it was a happy moment.

“I’m looking forward to being a valued part of a fantastic league and kicking some ass,” she said. “Sin City is so different from where I the best way possible! I'm so looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone, and to have such awesome sisters.”

Deb Owchery advises if someone wants to join roller derby they should check it out because, “you won't know until you try.”


Ms. D. Meaner #0327 entrusted fellow skaters to help her come up with a roller derby name.Ms. D. Meaner

“I couldn’t seem to find a name that fit my personality,” she said. “So, with the assistance of my derby sisters, Ms. D. Meaner was born.”

According to Ms. D. Meaner, her name is special because it relates to her profession; a criminal investigations detective.

Ms. D. Meaner has lived in Las Vegas for the past 23 years but hails from Los Angeles, Calif.

She decided to join roller derby for a number of reasons.

“First and foremost, I love to skate,” Ms. D. Meaner said. “Second, it looked like a ton of fun and a great way to meet new people. I was also looking for a new challenge….and boy is it a challenge. I also wanted to get into better shape and I hate the gym.”

Now that she’s a full-fledged roller derby player, Ms. D. Meaner said she’s looking forward to challenging herself to become a better skater and communicator on the track.

“Being a part of the Sin City Rollergirls is at the top of my list of accomplishments,” she said. “I feel a sense of pride and excitement when I tell people that I am a Sin City Rollergirl.”