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Jackie Reaper

jackie reaper

Jackie Reaper

What is your skater name and number?

Jackie Reaper - 1888

What is the significance of your name and number?

My name is a mix between Jack the Ripper and the grim reaper.  I've always been fascinated with both of them.  My number, 1888, is the year of Jack the Ripper's 5 canonical murders.

What is your athletic background?

I never really played a sport before derby, other than street hockey with my brother and his friends in middle school.

What do you enjoy during your downtime? Outside interests?

Other than derby?  Hiking!  Or a movie or bar.

Are there any life lessons that you’ve learned playing roller derby?

Derby is teaching me to believe in myself and that it's okay not to be the best, as long as I strive to be my best.

Dislikes? What drives you crazy?

Dishonesty.  Slackers.  And people who drive like jerks.

What is your hometown?

Las Vegas - since elementary school.

What is your motto, favorite quotes, or words to live by?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."