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Keep SCRG Cool


The Sin City Rollergirls would like to give a shout out to the following for helping keep SCRG Cool! 

Derby Supply 
Mike Delaney
Rich Kruithoff
Don Koop
Nora Bazuin
Jon Colton
Doug Mann
Jacquelyn Colton
Anthony Colton

We are the Sin City Rollergirls and we are HOT!  Like, seriously it's really hot! Until recently, the temperatures here in Las Vegas have been in the triple digits and all 3 of the swamp coolers in our practice facility we have named the "Fab Lab" died a few months ago. Unfortunately the cost was more to repair them than to replace them. That made for dangerously hot and sweaty practices for our skaters. We have unfortunately had some very scary incidents with over-heated skaters.

With the safety of our league members in mind, we made the difficult decision to spend a large amount of our operating expenses and replace the swamp coolers. Please help us raise enough money to recoup the replacement costs so that we can continue to train in a safe environment.

If you would like to help donate to keep SCRG Cool please click here or the GoFundMe logo above!