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Flying Aces

Aim High…Fight-Skate-Win

The Original Fly Girls:  a select group of spirited, gutsy pilots who are no strangers to combat-like conditions. These trailblazers are ready to roll up their sleeves and strap on their skates at a moment’s notice and fight with courage, commitment, and honor.


flying aces

2015 Roster

Captain:  Dixie Dash

Co-Captain: Gypsy Whips

Bean Jam N. Freakland

Ben Around the Blockher

Carnage E. Doll

CopperTop Crush

Despicable Mia

Diva Destruction

Domme Juan

Donna Business

Erma Gherd

Iva Coaldheart

Lucky Streak

Minnie Maleficent

Nebrass Kick’r

Nita Toe-Tag

Silent Kaos

Yeti Page