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Hoover Damned

The Best Damned Thing in Vegas

What’s red, black, and smells like rotting flesh?  The Hoover Damned! “Well, I’ll be Damned” were the last words heard from the skaters the Damned stopped dead on the track. These rollerghouls really (dis)embody the true competitive spirit. We really admire their dead-ication to the sport. It’s really infectious. I don’t know about you, but we’re dying to watch ’em skate.


hoover damned

2015 Roster

Captain:  Warren Peace
Co-Captain:  MollyTov
Chick Basher
DJ Jazzy Death
Emilay Her Out
Freak Onalicia
Jax SpareHer
Major TBI
Party Poison
RoadRun’er Over
Scarlett O’Harlet
Stella Blue
Texas Hurt’em
T Rex